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SuperDOM Series - Best DOM for NinjaTrader
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Unleash the power of nine highly customizable and dynamic columns for your NinjaTrader® SuperDOM! Construct the ultimate SuperDOM, meticulously crafted to cater to your every trading need. Experience cutting-edge trading capabilities melded with unmatched performance, encapsulating all the premium features you’ve ever desired in a professional set of DOM columns.

Unlock the potential of personalized trading with SuperDOM columns, tailored to your trading style, offering limitless customizations for your success.

And the best part? With our intuitive and user-friendly templates, you can catapult into action within a mere 30 seconds! Get ready to redefine your trading experience with our highly optimized NinjaTrader® SuperDOM. Your ultimate trading companion is just a few clicks away!


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The SuperDOM Series is composed of nine unique and highly customizable columns that integrate seamlessly into your NinjaTrader’s SuperDOM . This constitutes a step forward in DOM customization. Choose from a wide variety of filters and data to display exactly what you want to see when you are trading with Dom. Boast your view of the market with a rich set of columns capable of advanced analytics. Now, with trading capabilities, unprecedented performance and all the features you expect from a professional set of DOM columns. Have at your fingertips a world of customizations to suit your needs. With the available templates, you can get started within 30 seconds!

The SuperDOM Series delivers seven essential SuperDOM columns :

  1. Volume Pro – display high low volume nodes, value areas, and volume deltas either Diagonal Deltas or Linear Deltas. Additionally, you can display different volume profiles of different time frames.
  2. Depth– Place trades quickly and intuitively. View depth imbalances and well find large limit orders. View adds and pulls from the orderbook with the Updates mode. Analyze OrderBook Imbalances and quickly get summary statistics about the orderbook. Integrated with NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM)
  3. Trades – determine price levels that are battled over and attract more market participants.
  4. Time and Sales – analyze the prints and OrderFlow also with tick direction to easily see the flow.
  5. Price Action – view in one single column OHLC of various periods (Previous Session, Current Session, Current Week, Previous Week, Current Month, Previous Month and custom minute timeframe)
  6. Orders – a dedicated column for your order management. Modify quantity, move and cancel your orders. Integrated with NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM)
  7. SuperDOM Utilities– further customize your SuperDOM by removing certain controls.
  8. Power meter – Visualize market activity at a glance, be it the orderbook or the executed trades.
  9. Notes Pro – Keep your notes safe, and your trading insights preserved.

These nine SuperDOM  columns can be duplicated this makes it possible for you to create your own Dom set up with ease and flexibility. Furthermore, combine them with indicators to provide reference levels and create the ultimate personal DOM.


SuperDOM Series adds the following columns to NinjaTrader's SuperDOM
Visualize the Orderbook, Orderbook imbalances and submit orders.
Manage your orders swiftly. Integrated with NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM).
Change the visibility of the SuperDOM controls, center the SuperDOM and more.
Volume Pro
Customize your Volume Profile to provide all the analyses you need.
Time and Sales
Follow the executed trades in a classic yet modern Time and Sales.
Power Meter
The Power Meter: Visualize market activity at a glance intuitively.
Spot the interaction of market participants.
Price Action
Identify important trading ranges in multiple time-frames.
Notes Pro
Keep your trading thoughts and insights, always preserved.

Volume Pro

Volume Pro is not just another volume profile for the DOM. Volume Pro also brings advanced volume profile options only found in more advanced dedicated volume profile indicators, these options are in the likes of Diagonal Volume Delta and Volume Delta ratios. Volume Pro will also display innately the Sessions Initial balance and Summary Volume Statistics for better context information. With Summary Statistics you can quickly see if the session's delta is positive or negative.

The Volume Pro Column can even be used to display a volume profile node type of visualization by combining the possibility of having multiple Volume Pro Columns with different time-frame settings and time offsets stacked side by side (check the Template Trading OrderFlow - Volume Profiles - 30M). There is no need for extra indicators when analyzing volume profiles within a DOM. Volume Pro is the ultimate solution.

  • Various Types of Volume Profiles
  • Value Area and Volume Point of Control (VA and VPOC)
  • Various Volume Profile duration
  • Price Relations
  • Extensive Filtering capabilities
  • Reconstructed Volume Profile
  • Dynamic Transparency
  • Auto Clear
  • Volume Profile Summary Stats
  • Raw Volume values or Percentage


The Depth column includes fundamental options like order submission and depth updates mode where you can see the adds and pulls from the orderbook. 

Depth column also provides Relative bar size is a simple yet important option. Let’s say that you want to have the visual perception of the orderbook. All trading DOMs will present you the bid and ask maximum size as 100% width of the bar but rarely the maximum of the two sides is equal. This will give you the perception that the orderbook is balanced. Only by watching the volume value will you get the information that one side might be overwhelming the other. By setting the relative bar size of the orderbook you will gain the true visual perception of the orderbook.

 An additional important and fundamental piece of orderbook information is the OrderBook Imbalance. It has been the topic of many academic studies and specialized books as a predictor or price movement. Not only does the Depth column enables you to see the orderbook imbalance it also provides 2 options of calculation the academic formula (Volume Order Imbalance) but also the typical proportional formula (Proportional Imbalance).

  • Trading Interface- Integrated with Advanced Trade Management (ATM)
  • Orderbook Imbalance
  • Filtering capabilities
  • OrderBook Updates (Pulls and Adds)
  • Depth Highlight
  • Display Percentages
  • Relative Bar Width
  • Historical Market Depth
  • OrderBook Summary Stats
  • Dynamic Transparency


The Trades column will enable you to see the current market action. It is a crucial piece of information that bonds liquidity information with volume profile information. See if depth volume is effectively consumed or even discover icebergs as trades pile up but depth remains at a low value and recharging.

The Trades Column also offers you essential options like auto-clear, for example. With auto-clear, you do not have to worry about getting a clear slate whenever a big trade takes place. The trades column will clear automatically, and you will get a clear view of what will happen next. You can also use auto-clear to create time-based trades columns by enabling auto-clear based on time.

  • Filtering capabilities
  • Auto Clear
  • Alerts
  • Accumulate trades

Time and Sales

Like most of the SuperDOM Series columns, the Time and Sales is highly customizable. You can apply any kind of filter logic, set alerts, and auto-clear based on the size of a trade. At its core time and sales is as vital as it is important. You can also use it as a standalone time and Sales with powerful options, check the Template Trading OrderFlow - Time and Sales.

Time and Sales offers a trade by trade data like and like a professional time and sales it allows you to reconstruct or aggregate trades that were spit at the origin and by reverse-engineering the split algorithms you will now be able to have an improved view and read of the Time and Sales. You can also select each part of the information along with the order it displayed.

With the Time and Sales column, you will also be able to see price sweeps as price increases or decreases without resistance. Great for spotting momentum in the market.

  • Reconstructed Tape
  • Trades Side
  • Auto Clear
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Alerts
  • Arrange the order of the Time and Sales Information

Price Action

The Price Action column doesn't only displays Price at its core, but it significantly extends what a price column should do and what it is supposed to be. 

Not only will Price Action display multiple price ranges from key time frames (e.g. Previous Session, Week, Previous Week, Current Month, Previous Month) so that you do not miss the overall market context even when you are trading with a DOM.

Where was last week's low or high? What was the open for the month? Is this week up or down? Price Action will quickly give you the answer to these questions. Not only it also provides information about your position and different measures of the PnL either in a visual way right on the price or via text right on top of the column. Price Action can be used as a stand-alone column as well, check the Template Trading OrderFlow - Price Action - OHLC Monitor.

  • Price Ranges
  • Display PNL Data
  • Custom SuperDOM Auto Center
  • Display and Arrange price ranges


The Order column is a dedicated column that allows you to effortlessly manage your orders and see your Average position in the Queue when you submit a limit order. Modify the quantity, the orders, cancel single orders, cancel all orders, cancel only buys or sell-side orders, close the position, reverse the position.

All necessary order management can be done via the Orders Columns. Since its integrated with NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM) when you submit a strategy with Take Profit and Stop-Loss attached to the order you will also be able to color your take profit and stop-loss orders.

  • Order Management
  • Quick buttons to cancel orders for each side
  • Quick buttons to close positions for each side
  • Four different types of views

Power Meter

With its customizable visual gauges you can effortlessly monitor recent trades, limit orders, and changes in the order book. Make informed decisions, and seize trading opportunities with this invaluable market monitoring column.

Use the Power Meter, a dynamic column that offers real-time insights into market activity.

  • Monitor trades effortlessly
  • See the Orderbook intuitively
  • Watch for adds and pulls from the OrderBook

Notes Pro

Notes Pro is a comprehensive note-taking column for the NinjaTrader SuperDOM. Capture your trading insights effortlessly and enjoy the convenience of autosaving and persistent storage. Customize and personalize your notes for a tailored and organized trading experience.

  • Preserve your Notes after a restart
  • Customize the background of your Notes
  • Sync Notes between SuperDOM's with the same Instrument
  • Manual and Auto Save


The Utilities column allows for greater customization possibilities of the SuperDOM window and tie everything together. In fact, like all other columns, it can be used individually if you only want to customize the SuperDOM window. 

The Utilities Column comes packed with some excellent features and options like the ability to steady the SuperDOM without requiring extra SuperDOM credits. A Dynamic SuperDOM can become a Static DOM without any further need to purchase special credits. You can also control better when to auto-center price without it having to reach the top or bottom of the SuperDOM. Additionally, you can display the current instrument name right on the window title and its % Net Change.

  • Custom information on window title
  • Arrange SuperDOM Elements
  • Improve Performance
  • Auto Center all SuperDOM windows
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