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Limit Order Visualizer - Best Orderflow Indicators for NinjaTrader
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View in real-time the Orderbook, executed trades, limit orders, and the bid and ask spread. Change the settings without refreshing your chart. Add your favorite indicators to chart. Limit Order Visualizer is compatible with Market Replay, thus you can review Orderbook action on your charts!

Limit Order Visualizer can display both historical market depth, saving data beyond a connection lost, new charts, duplicating charts and NinjaTrader’s shutdown or restarts. This means you can now make changes to indicators, change the time-frame , and even endure a lost connection without losing level 2 data.


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Trading OrderFlow- Best Orderflow Indicators for NinjaTrader - Security

Limit Order Visualizer (LOV) is the most sophisticated tool to analyze the Orderflow within NinjaTrader® Chart. Most noteworthy it allows you to view level 2 Market Depth in real-time and historically (whilst the indicator is running) while being able to change the setting in real-time. Thus, you can spot changes in the depth of the market that influence market participants and prices. By using the native NinjaTrader® Chart you can add your favorite indicators to the chart and analyze how the limit orders behave at your price levels. Limit Order Visualizer integrates into your chart so it adds a layer of information to your chart.

Spot massive orders entering the market and removed in real time. Limit Order Visualizer allows you to display and make changes on the fly depending on what you perceive are the circumstances to analyze:

  • Orderbook on the right side of the chart;
  • Executed orders and their relative size to each other depending on what visualization mode you prefer;
  • Limit orders with a transparency setting that allows you to view only above a specified value;
  • Limit Order Visualizer can help you see what are the intentions of market participants.


View Market Depth activity and significant limit orders! Limit Order Visualizer can help you see what the intentions of market participants are.

Change the settings in real-time without losing information. Adaptable to current session and chart view.
Limit Orders
View the Orderbook on the chart in real-time and adapt the display to suit your needs.
Spot the interaction of market participants.
Executed Orders
Customize your Volume Profile to provide all the analyses you need.

Limit Orders

LOV runs within your NinjaTrader charts, this means that you can use any other NinjaTrader indicator along with LOV, you will not need to be stuck with multiple platforms. 

Did you know that LOV can withstand a NinjaTrader shutdown, restart, or a loss of connection without losing the previously available level 2 information? How many times did you duplicate your chart to only lose all the market depth information by using the stock Market Depth visualizer?

Not only does LOV display historical liquidity values that but when you zoom in the values display as readable numbers, it stores the values in a database so that you can duplicate charts, switch time-frames, and even restart NinjaTrader without dropping market depth information.

LOV will show you market depth in 3 distinct options: Session Mode- Will make sizes and color schemes based on the current session. This is to not interfere with other sessions. Thus, all sessions will have a Max Limit Order and a Max Executed Order. Chart Mode: Will make sizes and color schemes based on the current viewport and range of the chart. Thus, will take what is within the chart that you are currently viewing therefore you will be able to see a max within your zoomed-in region. Manual Mode: you will set the maximum value to resize and display your color schemes. Thus, any value that reaches or surpasses the value you assign to the maximum will have the settings determined for the maximum value. This is particularly useful if you know and want to track a particular size of limit orders. 

LOV is a powerful indicator that allows you to display limit orders directly on your NinjaTrader 8 charts and comes packed with 7 beautiful ready-made templates for easy setup. Completely free of charge!

  • Various Calculation Modes / Display modes
  • Historical Market Depth OrderBook
  • HeatMap Mode
  • Transparency Mode
  • Filtering by percentiles

Executed Orders

Additionally, it also displays the executed order (trades) in two distinct modes allowing you to see if the limit orders were effectively traded or it was removed (spoofing) once the price reaches that particular level.

Executed Orders (trades) is a by itself a very sought out indicator. Executed Orders allows you to use it as a stand-alone “big trades” indicator for NinjaTrader 8. 

Executed Orders displays in 2 distinct ways: Usual – that will display single trades as they hit the market per side; and Pie Charts- will aggregate the trades by price level and will display both sells and buys in a single pie chart allowing you to spot the different percentages intuitively and practical way. Moreover, by hovering a particular circle you will get the trades information.

  • Various Calculation Modes / Display modes
  • Filter Big Trades
  • Trade Summary pop-up
  • Historical Trades
  • Maximum Size of Trades
  • VWAP Labels


If you are interested in having the Market Depth information display in a minimalist way on your charts the OrderBook module will allow you to achieve this effortlessly and without any additional indicators.

The OrderBook will also be able to display historical level 2 levels and the price levels that hold the most liquidity.

  • Real-time OrderBook
  • Configurable Number of Depth Levels*
  • Customizable Width
  • Customizable Colors
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