About Us

Trading OrderFlow™ is a brand registered trademark of QuantSpark® Technology LDA established in 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal.

At Trading OrderFlow by QuantSpark® Technology, we specialize in developing custom tools for our clients as well as developing a set of add-ons and indicators for NinjaTrader® 8 focused largely on orderflow analysis.

We are and have been part of the NinjaTrader® Ecosystem since May 2018. Initially starting as a certified consultancy with NinjaTrader Scripts we shortly after released the SuperDOM Series as a set of 4 columns that focused purely on the expansion of a new area of innovation.

In just 2 years we have grown from 4 simple columns for the SuperDOM to a full-blow trading DOM that is superior to the stock SuperDOM both in terms of options available and performance.

We developed the Limit Order Visualizer which is on par, if not often better, with any other liquidity visualizer. You can filter, zoom in, and see the real values of liquidity right in your NinjaTrader charts and use it with any other indicators you have.

We produced the OrderFlow Speed with great visuals, and affordable pricing capable of offering you historical market speed.

We also modernized the classical VWAP which can multiply itself in different time frames combined with the Price to VWAP so that you can effortlessly use it with Market Analyzer.

These ready-made products for NinjaTrader®, which are highly customizable and powerful are aimed at aiding and assisting traders to make better trading decisions.


Along the way, we were also featured in NinjaTrader’s webinars:

Trading OrderFlow by QuantSpark Technology

Our Values

We never dream about success, we work for it!
We believe in Hard Work and Dedication

Our values are the DNA of our business which helps us towards our goals
focusing on our Customers, Services and Product Innovation.


We value every individual, encourage their development and uphold their rights and dignity.


We work together supporting each other to ensure the company and our customers are moving forward.


We strive to keep our creativity on and always innovate for the benefit of our customers.


We deliver great service that delivers value to our clients.
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