Limit Order Visualizer Limit Orders

Limit Order Visualizer Limit Orders


1. Show/Hide
Sets the visibility of the Limit Orders.

Max Levels to Watch

2. Max Levels to Watch
Sets the maximum number of levels you want to monitor. This setting cannot be changed in Real Time Menu.

Borders Visible

3. Borders Visible
Set the visibility of of the borders

Min Percentile of Volume

4. Min Percentile of Volume
Select the minimum percentile of Volume that you want to be visible. Setting 1 will show all orders. Setting 50 will only show the top 50% in terms of limit orders volume.
Example if you only want to show limit orders that have volume above the first standard deviation set it to 68,2.

Visualization Mode

5. Visualization Mode
  • Manual

    – Set the expected  maximum volume for limit orders.  This mode inherits the value from Manual Max. Volume.
  • Session

    – Set the the maximum relative to the latest session. Useful to see limit orders in relation to the start of the session, thus providing a session context for your analyses.
  • Chart

    – Set the maximum volume to the largest limit order on the visible chart range. Useful to review certain time slices independently.

Manual Max. Volume

6. Manual Max. Volume
Sets the maximum expected volume level that will be equivalent to 100%.

Heatmap Mode

7. Heatmap Mode
Sets the visibility of Heatmap.
Heatmap is a 5 color gradient that ranges from blue, cyan green yellow and red.

Heatmap Opacity

8. Heatmap Opacity
Sets the opacity of the Heatmap.

Display Limit Order Values

9. Display Limit Order Values
Sets the text visibility of the limit orders value.