OrderFlow Speed - Filters

OrderFlow Speed - Filters

Filter Mode

1. Filter Mode
Sets the filter mode.
  • Equal

    – Display limit orders that are equal to the Filter Value.
  • Does Not Equal

    – Expanding on Equal Filter Mode.
  • Less Than

    – Filters the volume that is lower than the specified Filter Value.
  • Less Than or Equal

    – Expands the previous Filter Mode allowing you to include the value specified in the Filter Value.
  • Greater Than

    – Filters volume orders that are above the Filter Value.
  • Greater Than or Equal

    – expands the previous Filter Mode, allowing you to include the value set on Filter Value option.

Filter Value

2. Filter Value
Sets the filter value reference.


3. Reconstruct
Sets if the trades should be reconstructed when using the filter. This allows to aggregate smaller orders that were part of a larger order and thus allowing for the filter to spot larger order order that were split during their execution.